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from the hospital

Apologies for any typos in this post or bad grammar that may arise, I am writing this from my mobile. Technology is awesome as it enables you to blog with your thumb from a hospital ward! Amazing stuff.

I am currently sat by my bed with a drip into my arm and things are beginning to improve slowly. However I shall say this first, I may be here till Friday evening! That is the worst case scenario and what I am now preparing myself for.

My blood pressure had dropped very low but the readings taken since my admission last night have gradually gone upwards, thus nearing my usual level. Weight has improved by a kilo but needs bettering. Creatinine level today has dropped from the hideous level of 379 to 279 so appears to be recovering. This must return to my regular level before I go back home and they also want to do the biopsy this week dependant on the creatinine.

Currently awaiting an ultrasound test…

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  1. Hi Nick

    Sorry to see you are back in hospital again. Best of luck for a full recovery. Oh! And a Happy New Year to you and yours.


    1. Thank you Terry

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