Cake master

It has been the long running joke in our family about my love for cake. As a kid when we used to spend a night or two with my grandparents at their Gloucestershire home, Grandma would always serve up cake for tea. We would all have a slice and I would often have a second piece then a third, a fourth and if I didnt end up reducing it to a couple of crumbs, grandma would phone my mum to report that I must be ill. What should she do?

Fast forward 30 years to last Sunday. I turned down the offer of my Mums cake. I was actually ill and Grandma would have done a double take had she still been alive. My Wife, dad and Mum laughed out loud. The Cake man had refused his slice of Victoria and there will be no crumbs today!

I am an ardent connisseur of cake and always have been. The classic Victoria Sponge tops the list followed by Swiss Roll, strawberry tart, iced buns, fruit cake and I love those little fairy cakes as just another one wont hurt. Will it!

Now I am wondering if I could become a cake reviewer? Travelling the world? You would always be able to find me, just follow the crumbs…

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