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monday 15th

I am writing this from a hospital bed on my mobile phone. Not easy to do with one finger and thumb. If you know me or just read this blog sometimes you are probably wondering what is up and why one finger? Nothing wrong with my hands just got a drip in my right hand. The reason I am here: a virus bug of all bloody things. Which as a transplant patient and only 3 months in is not a good thing to have.

My creatinine has been under control but on Friday it went up to 205 as a result of the virus I had last week. Note the past tense there? Yesterday whilst visiting my parents it came back to haunt me and I was very ill again. So looks like I had been lulled into a false sense of security and hadn got fully better at all.

So contacted the hospital this morning and they asked me to come in. Staying here tonight to see how I am tomorrow.

Will keep you posted.

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  1. Get Well Soon !!!

    1. Thanks, back home now

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