All starts well but does it end well?

Today has been an odd day, in fact it has been an odd week all in all. Didn’t start well in one sense but did in others, if that can make any shred of sense?

To cut a long story short – I have been off for half of the week with a nasty tummy bug, both ends without being graphic, so went along to the hospital today expecting them to keep me i n or something for observation. Dr Andrews was pretty happy with my current condition and not unduly worried about the bug. It may effect the results a little bit on the blood tests. Last weeks results were great, good all round and everything hanging on well.

At 5:30pm I get a call to tell me that my creatinine had jumped from 165 to 205. I need to go in tomorrow for an extra blood test to be taken. Now I am worried! Biopsy on Wednesday…. Shall keep you posted….

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