Przewalski horse

We quite literally stumbled upon two of these horses on Sunday. We had gone on a walk along the Basingstoke canal and I spotted a path leading off the main path and I typically decided to follow it. TIna followed me and we came across the horses. Tina had some time ago told me about the existence of Przewalski horses on this site and we had never found out where, until the other day – We quite literally stumbled upon them.

What are Przewalski horses?

Very rare, in fact extinct in the wild as far as my research tells me. I believe they come primarily from Hungary. Anybody out there an expert on these horses? I’d love to know more about them.

I must add that I took this shot through a fence and it does show slightly on the image. Normally I would press the lens hood against the mesh but this location is fairly secure. I didn’t want to disturb the horses too much nor land myself in trouble with security guards!!

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  1. This does appear to be a true Przewalski horse in the photo. These were ‘discovered’ by the Russian expolorer Przewalski in the late 1800’s in Mongolia and were the only true species of horse left in it’s original ‘wild’ state at that time. Exterminated in their native habitat by the mid 1900’s, a herd of several hundred has now been carefully built up in zoos around the world, and some decendents have even been returned into the wild within the last 25 years or so. Stud books are carefully kept by international zoo authorities to ensure maximum genetic distribution on this valueable animal. If you live near this interesting creature, count yourself lucky. You are are lloking at living ‘cave paintings’ right out of the Pleistocene.


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