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Week 49

I have decided that it may be fun to conglomerate my weekly photos into one weekly post with the exception of a few special events along the way. So with this in mind welcome to the first, Week 49! I do hope I am right in calculating that it’s the 49th week of the year, otherwise I shall feel like a right berk!

So lets see how this goes….

I tend to process my photos on a weekly basis, that is I download them on a day-by-day basis, forget about them unless they are those that need to be dealt with immediately and I find it more fun to process them at the end of the week, especially my photojournalistic stuff. I also find that looking at photos some time later helps me remove them from the event and time I took them, they gain a certain meaning and strength. Hard to explain but I am sure many photographers out there will nod in agreement.

In this post we have a mixture of Windsor, London and Winchester, a good old blend. I highly recommend visting both Winchester Cathedral and the South Bank of London right now. They both have something in common right now, German christmas markets!! They seem to get bigger year by year.

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