What the future has in store

The blog is from here going to take a more, if you pardon the expression, “focussed” direction. This year (soon to be “last year”) has been dominated by the transplant diary and at this time of year, it’s time to take a look at what has been and what is to be.

I am getting quite excited about the year that is rapidly approaching, as I always do at this time. A new year, hopefully less dramatic and more pleasant than this one has been, is just waiting around the corner. I also have plans for it and we also have things booked for it already which I shall be revealing piece by piece when the time is right.

The blog posts will at times be less frequent and at others more so. I learnt a lot from the transplant diary and that I can write a pretty good journal. Tricky things without them sounding too contrived, too personal, other people need to gain from them or be inspired in some way, no matter how small.

This coming year I shall be making a return to live music, doing some travelling and exploring the natural world even more, as some of the next posts will go to show.

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