from the hospital

Apologies for any typos in this post or bad grammar that may arise, I am writing this from my mobile. Technology is awesome as it enables you to blog with your thumb from a hospital ward! Amazing stuff.

I am currently sat by my bed with a drip into my arm and things are beginning to improve slowly. However I shall say this first, I may be here till Friday evening! That is the worst case scenario and what I am now preparing myself for.

My blood pressure had dropped very low but the readings taken since my admission last night have gradually gone upwards, thus nearing my usual level. Weight has improved by a kilo but needs bettering. Creatinine level today has dropped from the hideous level of 379 to 279 so appears to be recovering. This must return to my regular level before I go back home and they also want to do the biopsy this week dependant on the creatinine.

Currently awaiting an ultrasound test…

Whoops forgot to update the blog

The past week has been a bit of a nightmare to be honest but I am now back home, I was discharged on Tuesday but since then still haven’t been all that well. In fact I have had no motivation to update the blog, check emails, tweet or even (most importantly) eat properly!

I am starting to feel better today, I have had more of an appetite – So normal service shall resume over the next couple of days and most definitely as soon as the New Year kicks in.

Cake master

It has been the long running joke in our family about my love for cake. As a kid when we used to spend a night or two with my grandparents at their Gloucestershire home, Grandma would always serve up cake for tea. We would all have a slice and I would often have a second piece then a third, a fourth and if I didnt end up reducing it to a couple of crumbs, grandma would phone my mum to report that I must be ill. What should she do?

Fast forward 30 years to last Sunday. I turned down the offer of my Mums cake. I was actually ill and Grandma would have done a double take had she still been alive. My Wife, dad and Mum laughed out loud. The Cake man had refused his slice of Victoria and there will be no crumbs today!

I am an ardent connisseur of cake and always have been. The classic Victoria Sponge tops the list followed by Swiss Roll, strawberry tart, iced buns, fruit cake and I love those little fairy cakes as just another one wont hurt. Will it!

Now I am wondering if I could become a cake reviewer? Travelling the world? You would always be able to find me, just follow the crumbs…

Tuesday 16th

Good morning! I was up early this morning about 5am when one of the docs came to take a blood sample from me. I did sleep really well last night but then I guessed I would as I am in a little side room of my own which was nice and quiet last night.

I was delighted to be under the care of a nurse who cared for me at St Georges 3 months back called Ty (at least I think that is how it is spelt but I guess Nurses are too busy to read blogs).

Feeling ok this morning. I was in a crap state yesterday and christ knows how I made it in but I did just about.

Doctors will be doing rounds at some point and I shall update the blog later.

monday 15th

I am writing this from a hospital bed on my mobile phone. Not easy to do with one finger and thumb. If you know me or just read this blog sometimes you are probably wondering what is up and why one finger? Nothing wrong with my hands just got a drip in my right hand. The reason I am here: a virus bug of all bloody things. Which as a transplant patient and only 3 months in is not a good thing to have.

My creatinine has been under control but on Friday it went up to 205 as a result of the virus I had last week. Note the past tense there? Yesterday whilst visiting my parents it came back to haunt me and I was very ill again. So looks like I had been lulled into a false sense of security and hadn got fully better at all.

So contacted the hospital this morning and they asked me to come in. Staying here tonight to see how I am tomorrow.

Will keep you posted.