Friday 28th November

It is now getting to the stage that I can begin to wind down the transplant diary and I shall keep it going till the end of the year. My reasons for this are simply because, things are now stable and I am only visiting St Helier Hospital once every week nowadays.

My appointment today went well, my levels are all very good and Dr Andrews  is happy with my progress. It is fantastic to feel more settled about it all and as each day passes, I feel more and more at ease. I am, we as a family are now able to plan ahead but more on this a little later…

I haven’t mentioned creatinine for awhile but I am pleased to say its now 166 (pre-op it was 479 if not higher) and it has been sat around the same area give or take a few points in either direction. This helps in terms of Dr Andrews being able to make informed decisions on what medication I need in the long term and which tablets I can soon come off altogether.

Dr Andrews and I discussed the subject of travel and I am happy to say that Sorrento, Paris and New York are all going to be fine. As I was saying earlier we have not been able to plan trips for ages but now we CAN!!! Thank heavens!!!

Sorrento is a definite, all booked whilst we are looking at options for Paris and New York currently, we will do them, just a question of when and for insurance reasons, can’t be until after March.

Insurrance companies will not insure me for travel at the moment at sensible prices and many of them won’t do so until 6 months after my operation. If anybody out there has any experience with this and can offer advice both for my benefit and other readers of this blog, that would be fantastic… Please post your comments here for all to see!

As I was saying at the start of this post, the transplant diary will stop and instead I am going to switch to writing about renal matters and my involvement with the SWTKF. There are other plans in the offing at the moment but I will have to tell you about them another day…

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