Digging into my archives a little bit more at this time of year, as I haven’t been having much luck recently in terms of getting newer shots. So here is a little collection of Winchester shots taken last year. I would like to write a little bit about the Great Hall and the giant steel doors that sit at one end. So here is a little something I wrote earlier in the week whilst out and about…

The Great Hall at Winchester is best known for it’s Round Table, that legend depicts as being the one and same in the Arthurian Legend that is the Knights of Camelot.

At the opposite end of the hall is an equally impressive “piece of furniture”, one that by comparison is younger than myself and could well be younger than you, unless you were born in 1981, the year of the Royal Wedding. The two doors are forged out of Stainless Steel, stand 6 meters tall by 2.4 meters wide each and are the first of their kind in the World to have been made and are considered to be a landmark in 20th Century forgework.

To find out more about them, their creators and their other work, go here.

The workmanship certainly captivated my attention and was a great subject for my 30mm lens which can be opened up very wide indeed, to really throw the Depth of Field out in a fantastically beautiful way! I had only recently purchased it at the time and still love it now – One of my favourite lenses.

Notice the AR etched into the steel? Antony Robinson was the architect…

NOTE: This is an old post that I have rediscovered and wished to re-publish!!!

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