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Fishing nets

The eye is in the detail as they say and this is certainly the case when rummaging around fishing ports. Fishing nets, lobster pots, old machines, rusty boats and barnacled anchors all make fantastic subjects. Also a great activity to undertake on an overcast day when the light is more diffuse.

Look for patterns that form graphical “statements”. What do I mean by this? How can I explain? Imagine you have a few shapes and want to make up a simple uncluttered picture, simply by re-arranging them. You can in a sense achieve this with objects you find whilst out with your camera. You may not be able to pick them up, so instead have to resort to physically moving around on your own two feet, angling your camera, zooming in and out. You can quite simply compose the shot to make it look as though you have shuffled its elements around and with this added effort can achieve far better results than had you just chosen to point and shoot instead.

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