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Now Testing – Spock and OnlyWire

I am forever investigating new Web 2.0 tools, I love the things! Just had some email reminding me of the existence of Spock and OnlyWire. I signed up with Spock some time ago and must confess I forgot about it and OnlyWire is a new one. I haven’t yet spent enough time with either tool to write much about them at this stage.

Have you used either of these tools? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Shall at some point mention these again in my blog posts.

If you can see the “Bookmark and Share” button below then, give it a go! This is OnlyWire in action which allows you to share on any sites you are signed up with such as, Digg and so on.

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  1. However, users should be aware that only 10% of 42 social bookmarks post your link publicly. Most of them won’t publicize your posts until you manually switch it on.
    Well..probably that’s why they call bookmarking site in the first place. So, a list of what social sites are dofolow and automatically publicize new posts would be nice.

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