Thursday 20th November

Ooooh naughty me, I didn’t post an entry on Monday for the Transplant
Diary. This was a deliberation mind you, as there wasn’t much to write
home about, all that really came out of Monday was the fact that my
blood pressure has taken a climb upwards and to make sure my plumbing
hadn’t become clogged up at any point…

…I went back today to
have an ultrasound test carried out by a specialist renal radiologist.
He whizzed the little probe around the surface of my belly with its gel
smudged all over. No I am not pregnant but ultrasound is used for many
other things besides.

Having said that the “baby” as in my
Kidney is doing perfectly alright, all pistons firing and all pipes
pumping efficiently! It is still perfectly healthy and I now can exhale
a well deserved sigh of relief.

Still doesn’t quite explain the
blood pressure though which incidentally has dropped a bit but is still
higher than ideal. So let’s see what tomorrow brings when I go back to
St Helier in the morning.

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