I love cities and especially London and all offer the photographer a myriad of photo opportunities that are truly mind boggling, you could spend an entire life time discovering new material. I do have a penchant for walls of various kinds, be they the moss covered dry-stone walls of the North that have been beaten by the winds for centuries or the red brick walls of London that have no doubt withstood the blitz of the last World War. Walls are almost like faces, they have survived the long story of our human history, the very hand of mans’ influence on our land and how they blend with the natural fabric of the surrounding world. It’s a shame they are after all inanimate, if only they could tell the stories of time that has passed them by. Nature gradually wins back the land we claim from it much like our own bodies. Now I am getting extremely philosophical but my point is, photography can be used to translate this into some kind of context that us mere mortals can decipher.

This is one of the shots I have recently selected for my portfolio, please see the Buy Prints page for the current collection which I am going to be extending over the coming weeks. I am stunned to say that my image library now exceeds 10,000 possibly more than that images in total offline

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