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Other people rate this as one of my classics and I guess it is. It was taken way back in 2001/2002 and on black and white film, one of my last pre-digital shots. Marks and Spencer purchased a license to use this image around 2 christmases ago for 600 limited canvas prints for sale around the country. I know a couple of people who bought one. Well here it is again for sale as a Giclee…

That’s my sales pitch over and done with, how about the story behind the photo?

My Wife and I were heading for Brighton via Littlehampton and neighbouring Rustingdon. We had just stopped for lunch and were back on the road when I saw the beach huts. I pulled over into a parking space, my wife just read my mind, probably thinking, “What has he spotted, I can see that shutter button in his head going off, oooh, he is working out his F-Stops already, his brain is ticking over…..”. In reality she just grinned at me in that way Women do when their men go off on one of their never ending tangents. It’s a Man’s prerogative Girls, come on!

She was right, I had no sooner turned the ignition off and was standing on the beach, setting up the tripod, camera, filter etc. There were a few dog walkers around and I waited for them to pass by and fired off a few frames having done my composition, metering and so on. I was happy, pretty sure I had a nice shot in the bag, when an elderly lady walked towards me and as she passed, she said, “What a boring photo that is”. I was gob smacked and my Wife was stunned too. The old woman carried on and vanished around a corner.

I wonder if she shops in M&S………..

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