Friday 14th November

My journey in today was a little bit eventful. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have spotted me mention something about Kamikaze Swans. I wasn’t kidding in the slightest.

I had just crossed a roundabout and an object just fell out of the sky forcing me to perform an emergency stop. This reminded me of what Dr Andrews had said about 3 weeks ago. “I am happy for you to drive again, so long as you feel ok about doing an emergency stop?”, echoed through my head, as I did just that and I didn’t do myself any harm in doing so.

The “object” turned out to be a swan, now firmly back on Terra Firma, looking a bit dazed, he had made a rough landing and now was confronted with around 3 tonnes of Volvo V70 with a rather stunned looking human occupant looking back in his direction.

Mr Swan wasn’t too worried, he tucked his wings back into their resting position, shook his head a little bit, maybe he had had a rough night, wasn’t quite used to flying? He was a young one after all, still not developed his orange beak yet and his feathers still very downy. He had done bloody well though, flew about a mile before he lost his confidence and just had to land and anywhere for that matter. In front of me on a main road! If only he had listened to his Mum. “Don’t fly too far Simon”, she warned him. Don’t ask me why I chose Simon, just starts with “S” that’s all.

Anyway Swans aside, I made it in one piece to the Hospital.

My phlebotemist was having a rough morning, maybe she had also nearly run over a fully grown swan too. She had to jab me twice because the paperwork wasn’t clear that they were needing a big sample from me today. The test included everything under the sun and was almost like having another cross-match again.

Dr Andrews was very pleased with my results which had made it through from the lab in the end. Creatinine 155 but Tacroliminus level was a bit high, strangely enough but should be better herein, as I am now on 3mg in the morning and 3mg in the night. I am back again next week Monday and Friday.

I also caught up with Christina who gave me the great news that the guy I met the other day is doing well and making a good recovery. My thoughts and prayers have been with him, as I know what it’s like, you need guts, determination and faith in your medical team. Trust me they are the most professional bunch I have ever come across.

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