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Swanning around

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The jubilee river may be man-made but it is a haven for wildlife. Just
in the space of twenty minutes I saw enough to whet my appetite for

I watched a sparrowhawk compete with a kestrel, the hawk gave in
crossed the river and took refuge on a post. The kestrel on the other
hand hovered nearby over some scrub but had no luck, taking a rest in
a nearby tree. A few minutes later it took to the air, flew over to a
neighbouring field, hovered, swooped and dived. I watched as he ate
his lunch, a well deserved field vole.

At times like this I regret not having my camera on me and being sat
in a hide with a high power lens. I could have got some great
pictures. Instead I made do with my camera phone and got a a shot of
this swan family who were checking me out!

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  1. Good shot – it seems satisfying the way the dark corner hugs the swans, and the light top corner has dad, flanked with colour, coming in to harbour.

  2. and taken with a Nokia N95! Quality is pretty good.

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