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Am I 2 months old or 103 years old?

Two months ago I was in the Theatre, under the surgeon’s control, my life in their hands as they got on with the job of giving me a new kidney and a new lease of life to boot.

The question I have is – Does this make me 2 months old? Considering that my life “re-started” on that day? In which case can I go back to pre-school and play with Tonka toys, action man etc?

On the other hand I now have one of my Dad’s kidneys and he is a very healthy 67 years of age. So 36 plus 67, makes 103. Am I 103 years old? Should I have had a letter from the Queen? A free bus pass? Special concessionary entrance fees for attractions around the UK?

Nah I am happy being 36 and living the rest of my life as it is, a happier, fitter, far less worried person…

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  1. That brings a smile to my face. Good on you.

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