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Monday 10th November

Tomorrow I return to work, my extended leave of almost two months comes to an end. Off to the hospital today for what may well be the last 2 day week there, as they are happy with my progress at the moment.

So time to reflect on the past near 2 months. Phew! Wow! Blimey! What a journey it has been! I feel really good about life both physically and mentally. The scar is healing well too it is a nice smiley face on my belly! It starts just above my groin area on my right hand side and is semi elipsical in shape. It is just visible above my boxer shorts.

Christina introduced me to a young lad (and fellow “webist” )who is going in on Wednesday for his transplant. He also has FSGS which was interesting as I never have met someone else with the same condition as I. I was more than happy to talk to him as I could see he was apprehensive. Christ I was myself! He asked about the pain and I was honest. There is some but it is managed through very effective pain management and once you get back on your feet it gets a lot easier.

I may help the hospital put a website together, a forum for fellow patients. A book is going together at the moment featuring St Helier patients stories and photos. I have one going in there which I published here a little while back.

Over the weekend I joined the South West Thames Kidney Research charity and made a donation. This will be one of the charities I plan to support over the years to come and I am looking at ways of generating funds through what I do as in photographic work rather than internet. I could put a donation link on here perhaps?

I did well today and they are happy with my levels. It looks really stable now. No changes to make just need to sit tight.

As an aside, I have just noticed that the lights here in the canteen are motion sensitive and only come on when people pass them by. Clever!

Tomorrow the blog will change pace as I return to work. It will continue but may be sporadic for awhile. I shall tell you about my day back in the office as part of this diary as it is important to share the whole and not just part of the experience. Bye for now.

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