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Overcast day? Look down!

Italian deckchairs (click on image to enlarge)
Italian deckchairs (click on image to enlarge)

Overcast days needn’t put a complete dampener on your photography, as photo opportunities are still there to be taken. My best piece of advice is, look down and see what you can capture without showing the slightest hint of grey sky.

This was very much the case with the deckchairs I came across in Italy. We woke up to a heavy storm, the skies were menacing, the trees were swaying and it had rained heavily overnight. The sky was leaden and threatened to inflict us with more of the wet stuff. I didn’t let this dampen my spirits in the slightest and took a walk down to the bathing platform that lay at the foot of the towering cliffs of Sorrento.

The rain had nicely saturated the wooden decking and to a lesser extent the fabric of the deckchairs themselves. I took a low angle on the shot and cut the sky out of the equation. The heavy clouds heavily diffusing the morning light, to provide me with a very even exposure and absolutely no contrast issues whatsoever.

Later in the “digital darkroom”, I edited the image a little bit to enhance the saturation and contrast resulting in the image that you see here.

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