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London – The sights, the smells and lights, lots of lights

[image title=”A random building, sorry no idea where or what it is. I loved the combination of colours.” size=”medium” id=”1501″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Heading for London yesterday on the train, a very murky world whizzed past me as I was on my way to visit my Brother Tim. We were planning to do some photography and I had my doubts we would get anything  decent but I kept thinking to myself, that so long as we avoided shooting the sky we would bag some good shots – I just wasn’t too sure what we would get and decided to wait till we started to explore (often the best option!)…

Overcast weather is something we experience a lot in the UK and for many, this can be off-putting and as a result millions of cameras remain in deep Lowepro hibernation. Their owners despair over the weather and thus don’t expose a single pixel during the winter months. I on the other hand love this time of year and as much as I love lots of light, which is good for the soul – I also adore low light, it’s a challenging and very palable form of lighting. Modern DSLR cameras are now very capable of working at ISO levels in excess of 400 and I tend to work with 640-800 quite happily.

We started our photo tour at around 2pm and at this time of year the light levels drop quickly and earlier in the afternoon. It catches us all out, I am writing this at 8pm and I am convinced it is 10pm. My body clock for some reason is 2 hours ahead of itself!

I noticed that as the buildings of London started to light up, this offered some wonderful photographic opportunities. I turned my camera in the direction of windows that were throwing out light onto the world outside and also street lighting set against a twilight sky which always works beautifully. There are a couple of things to consider when working at this end of the day or during very dull weather.

When two light sources merge (such as in the case of this gallery) and interior lighting meets outdoor twilight. The question is what should you do about white balance? Our eyes see this kind of scenario in a very different way to how the camera measures it. Our eyes pass their signals to our brain and they together compensate for the difference between the two. The camera on the other hand doesn’t it quite simply records the light as it is without compensating for it. In these cases I tend to leave the white balance on my SLR to auto, leaving it to make its own mind up. If shooting in RAW you always have the option to tweak later on as I frequently do.

Please take a browse through the photos above, this time round I have captioned each one with some descriptive text on the creative choices I made along the way, together with some location details and I hope this serves some kind of educational value. Tim and I also feature in the gallery!!! See how us photographers generally end a good day out shooting!! Yes you have guessed it – a well deserved pint at a nice warm Pub!

Tim and I had a very productive day and were later joined by my Wife Tina and our friend Mark and we had a great evening in the heart of Soho.

As an aside – Last year I was planning to explore various other cities around Europe and we visited Brussels – Well that plan is well and truly back on…. more in the future, watch this space and all that stuff!

Please take a look at to learn more about Tim Lewis’s film work…

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  1. Hello Buddy,

    It was really good to catchup with you, Tina and Tim. Nice to see you after quite some time. You took some very nice photographs sir, and good commentary.

    All the best,


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