David Noton @ Farnborough Community Centre

Just come back from a brilliant and entertaining evening at my local community centre. I heard that David Noton was doing a number of talks around the UK, including one in Farnborough, Hampshire which is where I live. I am not a member of Farnborough Camera Club (I went in as a guest) who hosted the event but they certainly have a massive membership base, there was a very big turn out tonight. I was initially a little worried I wouldn’t be able to make it due to being in and out of hospital recently, as regular readers of the blog will know all about… However since today went fine, I was feeling fine and went on down.

David took us on a two hour journey around the world with a huge range of images spanning landscape and portraiture. His talk was interspersed with some very interesting questions from the audience. His key message being getting the best out of the light that mother nature provides you with at any given time and to sit it out until conditions are just right for your pre-visualised image. Some images can take many days to create whereas others are created in minutes (more often luck than judgement!).

I always enjoy these kind of things as they fuel ideas in my own mind. I currently cannot travel too far afield but it’s high time I gave more time to my local patch in and around Hampshire and that is something I intend to do. I now also want to photograph more people which I have done before around Italy and other such places without any problems.

To find out more about other events, workshops etc available from Mr Noton, go to http://www.davidnoton.com

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