[image title=”Brightkite” size=”thumbnail” id=”1425″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ]Thanks for inviting me to Brightkite whoever you are. It certainly is an interesting concept but I am struggling to find a real use for it over the other social tools I currently use. In my mind there are only so many of these Web 2.0 apps that one can use at any single time. It can become confusing and you can reach a stage of meltdown if you are not too careful.

What exactly is Brightkite I hear you say?

The idea is simple, it enables users to “check in” at the locaton they are currently located at. So lets say you have just walked into a cafe off of Tottenham Court Road in London, you can “check in” there and find out who is nearby and likewise people can see you – unless you are running in Private mode, in which case only “friends” can see where you are.

You can also post mini notes just like you can on Twitter and photos too, which you can do with Twitter albeit using the Twitpic service which is in fact hosted elsewhere.

So is it another Twitter?

Hmmm, hard to say, in some ways it is and in others it isn’t , it’s a new concept altogether and one that I shall be watching closely. It does seem to be a little under used by people in most places I have been. I was in Carsholton the other day and found a number of people in the area but none of them  had checked in for days.

I have just tried the “Guess my location” feature and wow, it works, it picked up my precise location and lists a number of possible places including my precise address. This is all made possible through use of the Loki service. Very clever but do make sure you restart your machine after installing it as the first time I tried, it crashed my browser entirely!

I am trying to work out if Twitter updates can be fed into Brightkite, it works the other way round, as I have tried this and if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook etc, you wll have spotted that I am currently in Farnborough or various other places.

I have two spare invites if you would like one let me know by posting a comment here on the blog. First come first serve and only if I think you have been good! 🙂


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