[image title=”Nicklewis @ Twitter” size=”thumbnail” id=”1422″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ]I have been a Twitter member for quite awhile now and its intriguing how it has become a big part of my life. I will often update Twitter knowing that this then in turn updates: Plaxo, Friendfeed, Pownce and Facebook.

If you have never set this kind of thing up before, it’s worth doing and probably warrants a mini-series of articles on this site (please post a comment saying yes please, tell us more). Mind you, do a “google” and you will probably find the information you need anyway.

Thing is why do people like myself Tweet?

It’s an interesting question and perhaps reflects on the human psyche of the modern day. We all like to know what other people are doing, the world has become smaller with the information age and now with Social Networking, it has shrunk down another waist size or two. I also blame the tabloids and the hunger for gossip. Twitter is like a digital gossip channel!

The reason I like to “Tweet” is because I love writing (for one reason), I love to document what is happening around me and what I am up to. It is even more interesting to see what other people are up to, those whom I follow and this is forever growing. It is rewarding to see that more and more people are following me in return. The network grows and grows. Twitter is so beautifully simple and very easy to use plus you can update it by SMS – Nice 🙂

I now have quite an interesting bunch of people on my list. Some of them I have known for years and some I have never even met but have been communicating with them over the Net for a long time. Then I have some well known people. It is interesting to hear about what is going on in Montreal, Sydney, London, Cambridge and about the adventures they embark on each and every day. I often go to Twitter as my first site of the day which I can do via my Laptop or my mobile if I am on the move. Its technology at its best.

Maybe you have found this blog post via Twitter? If so fantastic, the technology is doing its bidding!

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