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Monday 3rd November

First of all, and this is a very big “first of all”, I drove to Hospital today! My free transport ran out last week with the ambulance drivers and I would like to say a big thanks to those guys – Phil, Colin, Joseph, Les and Hugh – You have been utterly brilliant and have got me there on time and safely every day during a time that driving wasn’t an option whatsoever.

So how was it? Well fine, totally fine although the traffic was funny in places where I couldn’t see any cause for it to be happening. Welcome back to the roads of Great Britain Nick!!!

Not a great deal to write about in terms of hospital though, blood pressure is vastly better, weight same, creatinine is down a little bit and seems to be quite comfortable sitting at around the 170’s, which is puzzling the Doctors, as most live transplant recipients normally drop to 120 on average. That 158 was teasing me, I know it and just goes to show that good news isn’t always followed by more good news. More often than not, some not quite so good news is thrown into the mix to leave me in a “moderately disgruntled” frame of mind. No Biopsy therefore needed at this stage although I have just been told today that I will have one in December anyway, everyone does and thus no transplant patient escapes them. Is that the case? Has anybody had this? I would be interested to know, please discuss through the comments thingy-me-duke-wotsit-ma-duke-thingy-me-bob!

Next stop: Sutton Hospital, Thursday 8am for stent removal and an auto post will pop up that day as I won’t be doing much blogging….. or maybe I will? Watch this space.

I am also toying with the idea about doing a photojournalism project about the hospital, the patients, staff and what goes on there. Shall see what the guys there think of the idea and it will only be for the benefit of raising awareness of Kidney disease. It’s a big killer and more often than not, since symptoms are minimal, people don’t know and one day they just…. well you know…. die. That would have happened to me, had I not made that ramdom trip to the GP for a well man check back in 2002. Scary, bloody scary. I am a lucky so-and-so though!!

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