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Dorset, what happens next and soon back to work…

I have been staying with my parents for the past 3 and a bit days at their Dorset home. I have had a very nice time indeed. Just taking it easy really but we have been out on a couple of decent walks to stretch the legs and warm up the muscles. You may have noticed that I have started to do some photography again albeit with just a couple of lenses and no tripods or other frills. This is simply because I am being very careful with what I carry, so keeping weight to a minimum.

I have indeed missed my Wfe, seems odd her not being here, I have rarely been away on my own for quite some time now. Anyhow tonight we shall be reunited and next week she has a few days off. We are both looking forward to that.

The past several weeks have passed very quickly but I must confess I am beginning to get bored and wish to return to work as soon as I can. I have kept myself really well occupied though, this diary has kept me busy and I have been doing some other things, such as going out on walks and revamping my website. Computer games have entertained me, Iplayer has been great and the 3 books that my colleagues bought me have been brilliant too. Lets not forget that for the most part, I have been in Hospital and more so than I had anticipated.

I have become very used to the Hospital now, I almost feel a bit lost on days when I don’t have to go in! Is that healthy? Is that a sign of madness? I don’t know….

I now have the rest of the year to look forward to and 2009 is full of great things no doubt. I have to say that I am rather looking forward to Christmas this year too. I just want to see some normality, as I have forgotten what that was like.

This may sound like a conclusion to the diary but it isn’t there is more to come I am sure 😉 Well it will return tomorrow!

The normal blog will start to pick up soon, as I have a number of little things planned for it, more locations, more photography, more writing and other bits and bobs!

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