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Chapman’s Pool

[image title=”Chapman’s Pool” size=”medium” id=”1370″ align=”center” alt=”Chapman’s Pool, Purbeck” linkto=”viewer” ]

I already know that I would love to return to this location in the future, one afternoon, setting up the tripod, camera, a 10-20mm lens with some filters attached and watch the light change. I would stay there till the best of the light goes and before needing to scramble back to the car park in the dark. One for the notebook that I keep of such locations.

I am happy with the image shown here but as a photographer, you are never entirely happy, there is always ample opportunity to shoot a location until you bleed it dry. You can never help but wonder how a place will look at different times of the year such as what will it look like with a carpet of wildflowers adorning the landscape during the height of Spring?

The location shown here is Chapman’s Pool along the Purbeck coast, Dorset which is part of the World Heritage area known as the Jurassic Coast. Its a stunning area and one that I have visited numerous times this year.

The shot was actually taken without a tripod, a 10-20 lens and some tweaking I have to admit was carried out in Lightroom mainly to boost one or two areas of the shot that had been under deep shadow.

Todays’ bird sightings

Peregrine, lapwings and a bird of prey we couldn’t identify, all I can say is that it was a buzzard size without the wing-tips of one and a dark underside flying high.

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