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Monday 27th October

Welcome back to the diary. Its been a lovely weekend. Great night out on Saturday with the fireworks and a good group of friends. Done something silly to my right leg. Damn. Then I left my phone behind at Frensham garden centre where we had some lunch and I didn’t realise until we got home. Bugger.

Anyhow now reunited with said phone and ready for the week. I hope.

So time to head back to good old St Helier. Have you ever been there? Well if not lets hope for your sake you don’t need to because that would mean either you are ill or someone else close to you is! Anyway from the outside it is an imposing looking place and is in desperate need of a fresh layer or two of paint but inside it is spotless.

Blood pressure is a great deal better today and my weight is stable which is indeed great to know. The nurses have all asked me what I have done to my leg and I wonder if they want to check it out! I have just realised that I used to get terrible spasms in my legs at various times of the day. Not anymore and I had forgotten about that. It’s funny how you notice little things that since they stopped you forget they ever happened! Weird!

Looking forward to seeing my parents a little later. Dad is coming in for a follow up today, his are less frequent than mine. I will be travelling down to their Dorset home after for a couple of days.

Just seen Dr Wahba and she is happy with me and the results from Friday and that folks is pretty much it until this Friday.

Next stop Dorset and some fresh air plus a little photography too no doubt 🙂

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