Dorset Sunset

I have just arrived in Dorset this evening to spend 3 days down here with my Parents. This hospital malarkey has been a bit tiresome and a much needed escape from it all, definitely needed. I have noticed before that great sunsets often occur close to where my parents live and tonight a very moody sunset formed over to the West. I didn’t need to go very far at all from the house, this was taken from the back garden. I took this handheld (whereas I normally would employ the use of a tripod etc), using a Sigma lens with OS, the 18-200 to be precise. Set to 200 ISO and a reasonably mid-range aperture, ranging from f5.6 to f8 giving me a shutter speed of between 1/80 and 1/250 on the three shots shown above.

I am currently not able to lug lots of camera gear around since I am still healing up from my recent operation, so one camera and one lens is all I am allowing myself to use at the moment.

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