Friday 24th October

Christ just had an emotional moment thinking about my Dad and what a heroic thing he has done for me recently! I have this thought frequently by the way and normally whilst waiting for my lift to the hospital as my brain warms up for the day and works out its itinerary for the day ahead.

Outside its a wet Novembery day even though November is a few days away. I want to hibernate today and not venture outside. Must get some new winter clothes such as a big coat and wellies. I have been feeling the cold recently or am I getting old before my time?

Dare I say it, I feel christmassy at the moment! I am bloody looking forward to it this year and I am determined to make it a goodun!

I am generally feeling very good but now itching to – drive, return to normal, do some hardcore photography, get away from it all for awhile. It does take it out of you, the constant trips to hospital and occasionally I feel like I am becoming institutionalised. I am of course mega grateful for everything they have done so forgive me if you may interpret that last sentence as a whinge as it wasn’t. My wife is starting to feel the strain I think, if only I could whisk her away on holiday right now. I can’t though as I am tied at the moment. So yes it can be bloody frustrating.

Blood pressure is a little high today. Must give my left arm a break from blood tests next week, it is suffering a bit. Good thing I have a right arm as some people don’t! Weight is surprising me as my appetite is fierce, if I don’t eat every 5 minutes, I fear death as an imminent possibility! Anyway today I am 75 kilos but I have been having plenty of number twos. Doctor, is that normal? Christ I now need the toilet!

Phlebotemists have a great sense of humour. The other day they were talking about kids Tv characters from years back and reminiscing away to their hearts content! I was only moderately concerned that as the nurse inserted the needle into my already blitzed vein, she was impersonating a “Clanger”!

Question: why are hospital scales “pessimistic”? The ones at home are “optimistic”!

The outcome today is:

Creatinine is still misbehaving as it dropped to 178 then 175, the best to date and then the last one leapt to 187. Another biopsy may be needed. However next week I am only coming in on Monday and Friday. Which is brilliant and a step forwards.

Still got a long way to go but sod it the weekend is nearly here.

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