Breaking News: 158? What could this be about you ask? Let me explain!

Dr Andrews has just rung me, literally jut about 10 minutes ago to let me know blood test results are back from this morning. My Creatinine is down from 187 to 158 which is one hell of a drop and also fantastic news, it means that my Kidney has really started to kick in. If you were to plot these figures out on a graph, it would show a clear improvement in kidney function, slow at first, almost rejected but now we have passed that jittery phase and now there are signs, positive signs of great improvement.

If this trend carries on next week – No biopsy will be required.

Also sorting out my phosphate levels now, as these have dropped dramatically. Pre-transplant they were dangerously high but now it has gone the other way and too far! This does mean that the kidney is doing a stirling job at controlling them but now I will need to take some Phosphate supplements for awhile, which actually taste quite nice, they dissolve in water and they have a good flavour.

Have a good weekend, think I have scheduled some posts for the next few days, going to lave the blog on autopilot for awhile, as I am going to go and have some fun!!! Fieworks tomorrow night, may try taking some photos, maybe….

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  1. All good……here if you need me…I been referred to a Osteo today and another 2 weeks off work 😦 But hey, if it sorts it then all good…..


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