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Giving something back

I am planning to do something adventurous next year (or maybe 2010). The reason for this is to do some fundraising for SHAK and Kidney Research both of which are charities I hold very close to my heart. It is of course possible to donate money at any time through your own free will. I shall add some links to the footer of this post with details of how you may contact these charities and making donations.

I want to become heavily involved in their activities, simply because they have done a monumental amount for me and so many other people, some of whom have been through a far greater ordeal than I have. Its quite staggering to hear stories about people whose kidneys have totally failed, have become entirely dependent upon Dialysis treatment and are still waiting for a matching kidney to become available. I was one of the luckiest people alive, as my story so far has been a relatively straightforward one by comparison to so many others.

SHAK supports St Helier Hospital, its Renal unit and patients who go there. Its chaired by David Spensley, who is himself a donor and I shall be writing more about their activities in the future.

Anyway what do I have in mind for fundraising?

I am going to be deliberately vague for the moment by not giving away too much, as it would be foolish to brag about elaborate plans to climb Everest or that I would love to abseil down the North face of the Eiger. Neither of which are on my list of ideas anyway!!! The ideas I have will involve walking, hiking or cycling some long distance (and well known) routes in the UK or abroad. Heck over the years I may do various things, as I love a little adventure and I am more than happy to challenge myself…. In aid of charity of course!

If you have any ideas, please post them here on this blog post, please don’t do it via the feed in Facebook, please post them here, so they are all kept together and hopefully trigger off a little discussion.

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