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Autumn Colours

I love Autumn and was grateful to be able to take a stroll down to one of our local parks today. I am not able to go too far at the moment, so most of my walks for now will be restricted to Farnborough. I am also carrying a very light camera configuration currently to keep weight down below 4 kilos which is a safe weight, as I heal up!

This is also the first in the “Photo Walks” series but this is not going to be the long term format of these articles – I simply haven’t decided yet on a format!!

I didn’t take many shots either, as I was aiming specifically for some Autumn colours and found two trees that fitted the bill. Mind you they are shedding their leaves fast and I would urge you, wherever you live, to get out there soon, as I think come November a the peak of Autumn will have passed.

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  1. Great colours Nick. I also like Autumn a lot.

  2. Thank you Jorge – Hope all is well with you?

    Autumn is a photographer’s early Christmas present!

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