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Transplant Diary: Monday 20th October

Started the day feeling quite tense and not sure why, I guess Mondays have been tough days and after Friday I came away feeling a little apprehensive.

Very Autumnal today the light this morning was quite strange and I wish I could have gone out with the camera. I am worried that I may have overdone it this weekend so aiming to take it very easy this week as I feel a little run down and tired.

Weight is 75 kilos today and blood pressure is steady at 129/88.

I notice that everyone is in that autumnal Monday mood today which doesnt raise my spirits greatly. So I do my best to humour people and it seems to work although I cant help but feel that they think I am nuts. They are totally right. I prefer to view life in a dry kind of way, as it keeps you going and I find that people around me seem so stressed out which cannot be healthy. Britain needs to chill out!

Anyway I digress…

Good news! Creatinine is down to 177 the best result yet and Tacro levels are almost there at 14 and should be 12. So getting closer to stability. I almost hugged Morag the nurse!

Heading off for my ultrasound at 11am, more on this next time. I will be back here on Wednesday. Just one more thing; everyone has suddenly perked up here, I Guess the coffee has kicked in!

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