Historic Farnborough

Later today I will be joining a historic walk around Farnborough (after all I need the exercise right now to get back to full fitness). Its being led by local historian Jo Gosney and we will be exploring the area known as “Farnborough Village” the very original Farnborough. I will take my camera along to capture the places we explore and will put together an article on the blog late.

I am working on a little side project of documenting how Farnborough looks today (photographically) and the changes that are afoot. The problem is I have shelved this for awhile for personal reasons but now is as good a time as any to gradually get it going again.

I hope to (over time) write up on a few walks around the area and indeed the whole county of Hampshire, to provide something useful and interesting to people visiting this site. I have for this reason set up a number of tags which will aid site visitors in finding these things.

I would also like to mention the Farnborough Society at this point, as today’s walk will also serve as an introduction to the work being carried out by the Society’s History Group which is led by Jo Gosney. More information can be gleaned from the Society website: www.thefarnboroughsociety.org.uk

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