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Transplant Diary: Friday 17th October

Before I kick into the main post for today. I really would like to thank everyone for their support and for wishing me well. Thanks to my company Unified Solutions for 3 great books (“As you do…” by Richard Hammond is the one I am reading currently and its brilliant), they have been keeping me amused over the past two weeks or so. I dip in and out of them whilst sitting around in various waiting rooms or whilst been stuck in a hospital bed after a biopsy….. Talking of which Dr Andrews did mention the “B” word today, I may need another one. Shit.

I am going to keep this post fairly brief today, mainly because I am tired and want to just take a stroll out in the fresh air for a little while. Fresh air and walking are very good for you and should be prescribed by the NHS to everyone who doesn’t do enough, anyway back to the plot!

Dr Andrews who is my main consultant, we’ve now known each other for a very long time, as he has taken care of me for so long now – he saw me today and he is a little disappointed with some aspects of the results they are getting from my blood tests. Its fair to say that I agree with this sentiment and I am now a little concerned over this and would like to see things bought under better control.

Which is what the medical team are striving to achieve but some people just aren’t “Mr Average” and I seem to fall into that category to a certain extent.

The main problem lies with my Tacrolimus levels and Creatinine. The Tacrolimus in my blood is too high which means reducing the dose in small steps until the measurements fall within a certain threshold that is deemed to be ideal for the patient. My Creatinine (a subject I have written about a lot recently) has risen to 194 as of Wednesday. This is only a slight rise from 193 the previous appointment. It has at its best been 178 but if it keeps on creeping towards 200, something will have to be done and there are a number of “tricks” they can employ to cast some magic spells upon the kidney to make it settle down properly.

I guess that is my current problem in a nutshell, my kidney is working its not rejecting at the moment but its a little bit unsettled which could lead to a rejection.

Its a very delicate process, change too much at once and everything could come crashing down around you in a complete mess. Change things cautiously and you will get there in the end. Its the medical version of “Jenga”!!!

Next week I shall have another ultrasound test when I go in on Monday. I will also be in on Wednesday and Friday, so no two days a week for me yet. They may need to do another biopsy next week or a little further down the line if they feel uncertain about the benefits of carryin one out so soon after the last one. However they may have no alternative.

Have a good weekend! I will, no bloody hospital for two days!!

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  1. I like the analogy ‘medical version of Jenga’! I suppose following such a major and life changing operation, it’s a case of trial and error…finding what works for you individually and the best ways to manage things.

    I’m certainly in awe of you mate…I think something like this would have driven me bonkers, let alone writing a blog about it!

  2. Thanks Paul! I decided to include this diary in my blog as a means of sharing my experiences with people who have been through similar things or people like yourself who probably know little about it. I am also planning to turn this into a book which will double up as charity fund raiser.

  3. Glad to hear of your book plans Nick. It’s something that I’ve been thinking you should do since I started reading your diary.

    Enjoy the weekend. :o)

  4. Thanks Fraser – I may use an online publisher such as, as this could then be easily promoted through the internet, keep costs down and a cut of the profits will be donated. In fact a very large cut, as I don’t really want to make money out of this…. I am planning other books for that which will all be about photography.

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