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Transplant Diary: Wednesday 15th October

4 weeks ago, right now I was back in the ward, high as a kite on morphine but alive and well. My new kidney working, catheter doing its job and err, filling up with the good old greeny yellow stuff (well that’s how mine looks!). My Wife, Mum and Brother were at my bedside, all holding my hands or anything else they could take handle of. I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, I was high, bloody high and every now and again, I would press my Morphine button, just for the fun of it, I didn’t need it, the pain was barely there. I was aware of medical staff attending my every need, checking my charts, my fluids, lines, catheter, blood pressure and so on. I was now under the control of medical science, many decades of experience had swung into action. Mr Fronek the Surgeon had also popped his head round too and my Mum had given him a big hug on the way to the ward (I later found out), lifting him off the floor and almost suffocating him. He is only of a very slight build and about my height which isn’t especially tall. I have no idea what I said to people, I can recall that my mouth was dry and I had almost lost my voice but I was praising everyone, as though they were all Jesus – right then, they WERE for all I cared.

Roll forward 4 weeks to today….

I am doing remarkably well and that is not just me thinking that, I have been told that a number of times this week by Doctors, Consultants, Nurses, Family and Friends. I haven’t really thought about this and to be frank I haven’t had time to take stock of it all, not properly anyway. Its not something I am used to being the center f attention, its not my style.

Today my readings were as follows:

  • Blood Pressure 129/80 which has now become the standard for me and its a good level to be at.
  • Weight – I am losing it by a rate of a kilo per day at the moment – Today was 73.5!!! I just don’t get it, I am eating like a horse but then again I am not snacking too much and I have commenced an exercise regime once more. More on this later.
  • Creatinine seems stable now but y Tacrolimus will remain at 4mg twice per day for now
  • Predisilone has been cut from 15mg to 10mg (that is a steroid by the way. I carry a card in my wallet informing people that I am on such stuff)

I am now dressing free again and the biopsy puncture wound has healed up well. No problems there.

Today they didn’t ask for a urine test because that is now all clear, no longer any blood traces there.

Pain: Well this has gone completely, it hasn’t been a problem now for two or three weeks. I did however have a really sore patch but even this has cooled down now. It has just flared up a little bit again, as I write this diary entry. I think it may be the Stent which incidentally will come out on the 6th November (eeek!).

I have a day off tomorrow and will return to the Hospital on Friday. So all in all I am damn pleased with how this week is going, most definitely in comparison to the last two weeks where we had some worries and things seemed to be going the wrong way.

I have been getting back into doing some decent walks and am now managing 45 minutes at a time. There are a number of walks around Farnborough that I do and I aim for ones that are a little undulating rather than just flat. This gets my heart rate going and I really feel the benefits of it. I have to admit after today’s stroll I did feel a little sore, so need to slow the pace down a little, as I am being a little brisk!

In the longer term, fitness is going to play more of an important role in my life. I am contemplating doing some long distance walks, starting with a range of stints along the South Downs. Don’t panic Doctors if you are reading this, I am thinking of hanging on for some months yet and will seek advice before I do, to make sure I am not overdoing it and causing myself more harm than good.

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