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Horton Tower

[image title=”Horton Tower Folly Dorset on a stormy day” size=”medium” id=”809″ align=”none” alt=”Horton Tower” linkto=”viewer” ]

Today we kick off a new series here on the blog that I will be working on over the course of time. I am fascinated by Follies and shall be exploring these fascinating, quirky subjects throughout Dorset and Hampshire. Then much later on the whole of the UK and possibly Europe too…. Now I am getting carried away!

Horton folly tower is hard to miss sat high on a hill, and the 140 foot tall structure will be seen on the horizon at some stage, irrespective of what direction you approach it from. This is one of my favourites, being a beautifully designed tower that was built by a Humphrey Sturt early in the 1700`s. The story attached to it ( they all have stories behind their construction it seems, not necessarily true – but always interesting ) is that Mr Sturt used it to watch hunting when he was in his old age.

Where is it?

Horton Tower is located just outside the village of the same name, Horton in Dorset, not far from Wimborne. You will need to park somewhere in the vllage, we did find somewhere but there are no “official” parking spots. The Tower can be reached via a foot-path. I shall update this post later with some better map details for you. Please remind me if I forget!!!!

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