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Farnborough Changes: Firgrove Road is demolished

[image title=”Demolition of Firgrove Road, Farnborough” size=”medium” id=”875″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]

I have recently been documenting the changes taking place around my home town of Farnborough and its quite staggering how things are moving along. First of all Queensmead was razed to the ground by a herd of bulldozers and other heavy machinery. Now they are working on the ground work for this monumental project that is likely to take some time to complete.

More recently an area known as Firgrove Road has followed suit and I was able to capture some images of it before it went down completely. It has now become a pile of rubble and the area is being cleared to make way for a new development.

Here is the full gallery of what I photographed on the day, which was way back on the 26th July. Mind you they have only recently finished off the demolition job, as these things tend to take quite awhile to complete.

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