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Lots of spare time during my recovery – What am I doing with it though?

Today I have no Hospital appointments, I’ve got a free day and still a whole month or so till I plan to return to work and normality. Thing is – am I getting bored? What am I doing with all of this time?

I have been giving myself little projects to do and you are looking at one of them, this blog! My mind is fairly clear of cluttered thoughts at the moment, deadlines, pressures, worries and so on, which is kind of nice, I can focus on a few personal projects for awhile. Quite refreshing to be honest.

I have been looking at ways of making this blog bigger and more interesting. I have come up with some new categories and looking at the content I could publish here in the months to come. I have also been playing around with and that seems to be taking shape – I am looking at amalgamating everything into one here, would make life a lot easier!

The “Transplant Diary” is growing too and my aim is to turn this into a book of some kind. This is some way off at the moment but the neat thing is, I am in fact writing it right now, in real time via this blog. When I do put the book together, its likely that I will use as the onlne publisher. A cut of any profits made will go to kidney research charities and to the St Helier charity, S.H.A.K.

I shall of course return to doing some new photography, as soon as I am able and wish to tie some pictures together with words, to present you, my reader, with some interesting articles about great places around the UK – This will be known as “TravelBytes”, a new section I shall kick off fairly soon, well later this year, once I am able to get out and about more freely again.

Plus many other things will also “happen”!!

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