Transplant Diary: Wednesday 8th October

Today was fairly easy compared to the rest of the week. Blood pressure is looking very good right now and has come down a great deal, which is good news. I saw Dr Bendine today and he was very happy with progress and was pleased with the results of the biopsy, stating that they had come back “as clean as a whistle” from the lab. Great news indeed and has got me out of danger. Christina Ho is back from holiday and cheekily told me, “Drink more water and less alcohol!!!”

No need to go back till Friday, upon which I have an appointment with Dr Andrews for 10am. A free day tomorrow! I have no idea what the blood results were for today and nobody has called me to tell me they are bad, so maybe last week’s pattern is repeating itself! Strange if it does, as I couldn’t possibly explain that!

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