Transplant Diary: Tuesday 7th October

Thought I should write a quick update on how I am feeling this morning! I am boody nervous, in fact more so than prior to the operation itself. I hate not knowing what is going on and think that once the biopsy is done, I may be able to relax, as my bit is done and the rest is down to the lab and doctors team. They will then be able to make a decision on what to do and the first thing that will change, is my medication set-up to help settle the new kidney which is in a state of flux at the present time.

I have got an Ipod full of podcasts, music and comedy. A good couple of books. Outdoor and Wildlife magazine. My PSP. My phone with net access – Should make my 6 hours flat out a little more bearable! Oh and not to forget we can watch “Cash in the Attic” whilst in the ward!!!

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