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Transplant Diary: Monday 6th October

Well well, what a day it has been and echoes of last Monday ring in my head. Its not been a fantastic day so far as far as my earlier hospital appointment was concerned…

Ambulance Drivers!

The drive in today was good fun as I got to hear about the funny stories of life as an ambulance driver. One of my regular drivers (Colin) picked me up and we were accompanied by one of his colleagues, a really nice lady who obviously took a very light hearted view of life! Fair play to that! Quite often they are provided with pretty ridiculous cars to try out that have been custom built for the purposes of transporting patients from home to hospital. These I must add are not emergency ambulances with blue lights on top but the normal cars, mini-buses and so on. They were discussing the so-called “Euro Bus” which just sounds dodgy right away. It has a 90 degree ramp that is just impossible to get wheelchairs up and the passengers in the normal seats in the back are unable to get out, without resorting to shuffling out of the car on their bums! This stirred up some very comedic images in my mind and we were all chuckling away over the fact that none of the drivers liked it and tried fobbing their other uninitiated colleagues off with it.

It’s also intriguing to hear that many drivers don’t trust satnavs all that much and prefer to make their own judgment on routes or simply to go with what their patients say.

So how did it go?

Blood pressure better at 155/98 but why do hospital readings come out higher than mine at home? My ward mates from St Georges are all here and all looking well.

Then came the not so good news – Friday’s blood results – Creatinine is up to 193 (10 greater than previous) and later learn that the results today are up to 214. Its climbing up again and I will have to return tomorrow to have a biopsy in the morning after one more blood test. This is not good news I am afraid. I am rather worried about it.

So what does this actually mean?

The Kidney is functioning because my creatinine is a lot less than it was pre-op but once it starts climbing upwards, things do start to look doubtful and the only option the Doctors have is to take a biopsy. Something they don’t like doing because of the stress it places on the patient and their kidney. It is the only way though of analysing the kidney tissue for any problems that may have occurred.

At the moment I cannot honestly say what the problem is because none of us actually know. Could it be rejection? Well, not necessarily but it is of course a possibility. In the meantime medication can be tweaked and the Tacrolimus drugs that I am taking are showing in my blood results as being a bit too high for me and this can become toxic for the kidney and the body as a whole.

I am worried in one sense but on the other hand, these guys have many years experience and know what they can do to turn things back around quickly and get the results we want in the long term. Everything will be ok and I am confident of that. Thing is I still have every reason for being anxious and so do the doctors, it makes things frustrating for them too.

The Biopsy is a day surgery thing – I have to remain in the ward for 6 hours afterwards, in a bed, very still, not allowed to get up! I should be able to leave by evening time for home.

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