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Transplant Diary: Wednesday 24th September


Yes 5am! I have had a little sleep and wearily ease myself out of bed and make myself some breakfast. My eyes almost glued shut and my eyelids are reluctant to raise themselves. Tina (bless her lots!) also gets up and administers my medication which I still haven’t gotten used to.

I manage a shower and throw some clothes on. Shortly after 6am, my driver arrives to take me off to St Georges.

St Georges (and also St Helier) provide a transport service for transplant patients for up to 6 weeks after the operation which covers the period I am unable to drive (4 weeks) plus 2 extra weeks. Most of the drivers are volunteers and some are staff. This is a brilliant service and these guys work very hard travelling to every corner of the South of England to take patients in and out of hospital.

I meet Les my driver a fantastic guy from Jamaica and I am amazed to learn that he is in his 70’s. He gets up at around 4am every day to do his runs, which is amazing. We are also accompanied by Trevor who is heading in for a dialysis session. On this occasion I am not overly communicative, as I am extremely tired, so I sleep the whole way.


The clinic begins my blood test is done, blood pressure taken, urine taken and weight measured. Strangely I have jumped from 76 kilos to 81. Strange. Its then a case of waiting around for the results to come back.


I see Dr Jones for a catch up and discussion about medication. He recaps on his conversation with me the previous day about their biopsy findings and its all clear. The kidney is working but not as well as it should be, it seems to have gone “sleepy” as Dr Jones puts it.


Creatinine is down – good news – If its down again on Friday, I will be discharged and transferred back to St Helier.


Heading home with Les, Trevor is delayed so its just the two of us and we have a great chat on the way back. I feel lousy!

I spend the rest of the day in and out of bed, no appetite and I am really pretty ill. Hit the sack early and have a free day tomorrow!


After a bad day on Wednesday, I feel a lot better and managed to eat lots. I go out for a good walk with Tina and manage about 20 minutes. I am feeling a great deal better! Spirits are very high…

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