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Transplant Diary: Friday 26th September


Les picks me up and this time its just us two. He had already dropped off two other people at St Georges, what a hard worker! Its a gorgeous dawn and the mist hangs over the fields as we drive through Ash towards Guildford and the A3. I tell Les about my photography and that if I wasn’t going into the hospital I would be out with my camera on a morning like this. He tells me about the area near Montego Bay in Jamaica and how much I would love it. He tells me quite a bit about himself and we talk about everything under the sun.

The traffic is a bit bad in places.


Arrive at St Georges and carry out the usual tests. I laer learn that the Creatinine is down again. Superb its all going the right way and its confirmed that I can start going back to St Helier.


We head home with Trevor whom we drop of in Guildford. Les and I then drive on towards home and have another fantastic, colourful conversation. I love the way Jamaicans see the World, its so refreshing. We bid each other farewell and I promise to keep in touch with him – and believe you me, I will. Such a nice man with a wonderful sense of humour, its not often you bump into such genuine people these days.


The weekend is great and I am now walking more normally plus the pain has completely gone and the weather is really good too. I am beginning to feel more myself again and we begin to catch up with our friends who filter in and out of our house throughout the weekend.

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