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Pictures that sell – Ostrich burgers!

Crikey this one was taken way back in 2004 for Countryview magazine, as part of a commissioned assignment they sent me on. The reason its come back to the fore, is because I just sold it for the second time via Alamy to a client in the Czech Republic.

Where was it taken?

Have you ever been to Borough Market in London? At the time neither had I, so when the Editor of Countryview sent me there, I jumped at the opportunity, as I love markets and especially ones like this where there is such a broad and fascinating array of foods to choose from.

Did we buy these burgers?

Yes! They were damn tasty too!!

How much has this photo made?

Probably close to £200 I think, including what I was paid for the commission and the sale made recently.

Hopefully I will get this one in the BFP magazine and sell it for the third time 🙂

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  1. Just goes to show even the seemingly most straight forward of photos has a market! I want an ostrich burger now too!

  2. Me too!

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