Friday 31st October

Next week shall be making my own way in here and will have a yellow ticket for blood tests.

Well creatinine has bounced up again 20 places to 178. Not ideal and worries me. Tacro levels are fine so on changes needed on that front. Blood pressure is high and now going to add another pill to my collection. Protein levels creeping up. I pray to god this doesnt mean that the FSGS is back and she did ponder over this. I am more than a little panicky right now as you can imagine. Lets also see what blood tests are like today! When will this end? Does it end? Have I become a slave to medical science?

Dorset, what happens next and soon back to work…

I have been staying with my parents for the past 3 and a bit days at their Dorset home. I have had a very nice time indeed. Just taking it easy really but we have been out on a couple of decent walks to stretch the legs and warm up the muscles. You may have noticed that I have started to do some photography again albeit with just a couple of lenses and no tripods or other frills. This is simply because I am being very careful with what I carry, so keeping weight to a minimum. Continue reading →

Wednesday 29th October

I thought I should share this with you. Christina Ho my most excellent and revered Transplant Nurse from St Helier Hospital who has done the most amazing job. We are eternally grateful to you Christina! Where was I? Lost track there….. Anyway she has asked me to write a summary about my feelings during pre-op, post-op and about the donation process. So this is my reply to her email, I think it reads pretty well…..

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