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Tomorrow will be my last day at work for the next several weeks. Seems a bit weird really, as I am feeling quite excited about what is coming up rather than scared. It will also be strange having people running around for me, I could get quite used to that šŸ˜‰ Various people at work are wishing me well and telling me not to worry too much. I have to admit I am less worried than I thought I would be.

The weekend ahead is looking really good. We shall be going to some 80’s concert thingy on Saturday night, I have no idea what it is, where it is, just that I am going! If its anything like a “proper” concert, it will seem strange to be in the audience, not done that for awhile.

Sunday catching up with my Parents, it’s my Mum’s birthday. Having a nice lunch out in Sussex. Later in the day we plan to catch up with some friends of ours. Then Monday morning it all begins, more on that later in the weekend, if I get a chance to post.

Tell you something – As soon as I am able to, I shall be posting to the blog as soon as I come round from my general anaesthetic, if they have internet in the Hospital. Its critical! šŸ™‚

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