Blogging like mad!

Well I have been steaming along a bit on the blog recently and today’s post is going to be a briefer one.

My thoughts are now focussed more on the task that lies ahead in the very near future. That is to go to hospital with my Dad, both of us will go into theatre (thankfully out for the count), Mr Surgeon does his stuff, we come around and then its down to us to get better with a little help from the medical people!

Sounds quite easy when put in this perspective and hopefully it will be. I do feel nervous though but I do know and trust that the surgical team will do a fantastic job. Got to keep positive!

My Dad said to me, “All we have to do is turn up and they will take care of the rest”. Indeed that is pretty much it really, we are simply passengers on an incredible ride. It will be quite strange having Dad there alongside me for the duration, what am I putting him through?!

Can’t think like that though, got to just accept that this is the way its done, there is no other option other than dialysis. So far I have managed to avoid that and fingers crossed could keep it that way. My Dad and I have done our own preparation for this in our minds and we have received help and advice from various people.

I must say that the whole process has been flawless and the NHS cannot be faulted at all. Our transplant nurse is an amazing, hard working woman and my Mum has become convinced she does some of the operations too! My Consultant has been open and honest, at times downright blunt too as its all too easy to become bliase about the condition I have. I don’t feel ill, therefore i can eat, drink or do what the hell I like. Wrong! I have to be careful and I have made sure that I have along the way.

Thanks also to my Wife, family and friends who have all been positive about it, even joking about it from time to time, after all humour is often a very good tonic at difficult times. I would have lost the plot by now, if it wasn’t for them.

Did I say today’s post was going to be brief?

Well in that case I shall leave it there for now. More later….

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