Ok got a bit carried away with the title! I am of course referring to the Nintendo Wii.

The first time I saw one and had a go was at my friends’ house and I thought, “How clever is that! Quite fancy getting one of those”. That was towards the end of last year and since then its just remained on our minds as something we would quite fancy getting….

Well now Wii have one! Well my step-daughter has anyway but the good news is she is happy to share it, so it has taken pride of place under the telly in the lounge. In short I am addicted and have a shopping list of games I want to buy, especially as I will be off work for awhile, I need somethign to keep me entertained after all!

Lets pause for a moment and ponder over why the console is called a Wii? My theory is that its a play on the word “we”, as in “we” play in place of “I” play. The whole emphasis is on people playing together and as a result its bought computer gaming into the realms of the family. I quite like this concept, as rather than suffering in front of a dreary and depressing episode of Eastenders, I can pluck up everyones blood circulation by suggesting a bout of virtual boxing to blow the cobwebs away of daily life!

This can backfire when I beat my Wife at a game of bowling however and she gets quite fired up by this. “Just one more go”, she encourages me despite the time being late and we should be thinking about calling it a night. I of course oblige and this time round she wins….

Then there is the fun of self-parody, as you design your Mii (which is another hint at the meaning of the console’s name).

Gaming should be a social thing, its good for us and its good for the industry. It restores ones faith in gaming as being a healthy and fun pastime, something to while away those long dark evenings that are upon us. I much rather this than the image of a lone, friendless person sat hunched over his computer. That’s just sad.

So whilst I am off I will be training my brain, playing some strategy games and probably, wisely avoiding boxing for awhile, it won’t do my stitches any good!

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